Mobile Accessories

Smartphones are becoming increasingly essential to our day-to-day lives. They fit in our pockets and can perform almost any task we could ask for when we were younger. Our smartphones do everything from calculators to cameras and almost everything in between.

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When your new phone lacks a headphone jack, you can choose various excellent wireless options. A case or screen protector can prevent damage to your beautiful device. We examine the best phone accessories.

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Which accessories does Android Authority recommend?

Many people consider a protective case or cover to be a must-have accessory. However, nowadays’ smartphones have beautiful designs, glass chassis, and large displays, so it’s a shame to have to cover them up.

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A power bank is next on the list. Most phones have a battery life of at least a day with average use, but again, “average” is the key. A good portable power bank will never let your phone’s battery die again.

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A Bluetooth headset will also be indispensable for many people. Unfortunately, few phones have good built-in speakers, and the future of the headphone jack remains uncertain.

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Third-party vs. first-party accessories

A third-party accessory is not made by the company that made your phone. Instead, they provide a substitute for first-party accessories, which are generally much more expensive.

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How should you choose third-party accessories?

Make sure you check these things before buying an accessory from a brand you’re unfamiliar with:

  • Browse through the owner
  • Observe oddities
  • Make sure you know how to return the product

How does iPhone wireless charger works?

Electromagnetic induction is used in wireless charging to transfer energy from the charger to the receiver at the back of the phone. Chargers use induction coils to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which is converted back into electricity by the receiver coil in the phone, which is then fed into the battery.