Firstly, When it comes to Landscape Design Los Angeles, you should know the basics, whether you plan to borrow ideas or come up with your own. In addition to increasing your creativity, understanding these landscape design principles will also help you come up with original ideas. In addition to boosting your creativity, these basic principles of landscape design will also ensure that the elements in your design are balanced and harmonious.

Basic Principles of Landscape Design

1. Unity

Uniformity in landscaping occurs when a design is repeated and consistent. Tree Service in Sacramento and landscaping design will also provide an overview of the final look.

2. Balance

Equality is the definition of balance. Asymmetrical and symmetrical balance are both types of balance in design. However, In symmetrical balance, the landscape composition is balance using identical elements and objects, but in asymmetrical balance, different elements and objects have almost similar imaginary weights.

Landscape Design Los Angeles

3. Color

Your Landscape Design Los Angeles takes on a lifelike dimension with color.

4. Transition

It is simply a gradual change that constitutes a transition. By gradually changing plant size or color intensity, a landscape design illustrates transition. Different elements can also have transitions in textures, foliage shapes, and sizes.

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